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A few aviation specific essays

Digitalization, Air Traffic Management and EFB

2018Trajectory Intents (englisch) In order to use airspace more efficient, we should start using trajectory intent downlinks from the EFB. We should give up the “fly-what-you-filed” dogma and the idea of integrating the FMS into modern ATM concepts. Written for the SESAR Innovation days.
2018Digitale Entscheidung (deutsch) You have to digitize your airline. But should you write your own code or should you buy a software suite? What happens with your airline know-how, when you digitize? Market leader? Late follower? What is best?
2018Digitalisierung und EFB (deutsch) Complex, but simple? Doing it yourself, quickly! Cockpit GUIs. An EFB, which is fun to use. EFB strategies. Mobile devices for pilots... An Essay about EFB key decisions.
2018eOps (deutsch) What is eOps? Sample processes of a digitized airline ops

A list of presentations and speeches

Airbus Flights

2017Mein erster A350 Flug (deutsch) Personal reflections about my first flight with the new Airbus A350. Contains a lot of unexplained acronyms. Difficult to read for those not familiar with pilot slang.
2010Der Weihnachtsengel (deutsch) Personal reflections about a flight back from Japan. Easier to read. With pictures.