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Masai Mara Park, Kenia, 1998


Pictures of this safari had all been taken using Ektachrome Elite II 200 ISO slide film in a Practica BX 20 and a telelens built in the German Democratic Republic.

A lot of quality was lost through aging until digitalization and during the digitalization process itself.
lion cub feeding

Lion cub feeding


Cheetah, looking for lunch

Before the kill

After the kill


Open the window?

Vancouver & Vancouver Island, 2008

Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park

orca, jumping out of the water

We had been on this whale watching tour for hours and didn't see much. Then, suddenly, this orca jumped out of the water and I had my camera ready.

Ocala National Forest, Florida, 2008


During a canoe trip


At the camp ground

South Africa, 2010

Cape of Good Hope

Park, west of Johannesburg