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Starting in 2012, I began to become interested in thunderstorms. Taking pictures of them while flying, was only one aspect of it.

Returning from Accra in late July over Algeria. 2014, MFT, ISO 6400, 25mm, 1s, F0.95

Flight to Bogota in December. Aproaching Puerto Cabello in Venezuela. Storms on the weather radar, the EFB and when looking out of the window. 2015, smartphone, ISO 640, 3mm, 1/13s, F2.2

Flight to Delhi. We just passed Faisalabad. A storm over Daska. 2017, full frame, ISO 3200, 28mm, 1/4s, F1.7

20 minutes after take off in Singapore. June 2018, full frame, ISO 3200, 28mm, 1/8s, F1.7