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City lights

New York. 2011. MFT, 20mm, ISO 1600, 1/10s, F1.7

Between Jeddah and Frankfurt. 2011, MFT, ISO 2500, 1,6s

French mediterranean coast. 2014, MFT, ISO 6400, 25mm, 1/8s, F0.95

Departing Riad, Saudi Arabia. 2014, MFT, ISO 3200, 20mm, 1/25s, F1.7

Approaching Doha from the north. Colorful downtown in the center. Airport in the left background. 2017, full frame, ISO 1600, 28mm, 1/30s, F1.7

Cologne. After takeoff in Sankt Augustin. Glareshield of an AS 332 Super Puma helicopter in the foreground. 2017, MFT, ISO 12800, 20mm, 1/100s, F1.7

Approaching Las Vegas runway 27 in the evening. Looking north. Picture dominated by highway 582. Iluminated area in the foreground is Silver Bowl Park. 2018, full frame, ISO 1600, 28mm, 1/40s, F1.8

Approaching Las Vegas in the evening. Looking northwest. Left side shows the strip. 2018, full frame, ISO 1600, 28mm, 1/50s, F1.7

Moon over Kuwait. A350 cockpit in the lower right. EFB display showing orange own-ship circle and the airport of Kuwait in green. 2018. full frame, ISO 6400, 28mm, 1/8s, F8.0

Frankfurt. 5:30 local. Coming back from Lagos. Taunus mountains in clouds. Frankfurt airport on the left, downtown in the center. 2016, Full frame, ISO 6400, 28mm, 1/30, F2.0

Frankfurt. Just prior sunrise. Seen from the west, looking east. Airport in the right foreground. Downtown in the center. 2018, smartphone, ISO 1600, 4mm, 1/4s, F1.8