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1989. Buran on Antonow An-225. Le Bourget Airshow.

2008. A Buran prototype transported by boat to a Museum.

rocket is a green bright spot against the black night sky

Ascent of Sojus TMA-02M rocket, seen over Kazakhstan from the cockpit, June 2011

1994. An Air North DC3 landed at Dawson city, Yukon.

1994. No cockpit door in a DC3

1993. Seats being removed from a 737 "Quick Change" converted into a freighter


1995. Concorde ops in Heathrow. You knew when it took off.

2004. Concorde parked in Heathrow, a year after its last flight.

2003. Night mail ops with A300 in Frankfurt

2003. A300

2003. A300 cockpit