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Boeing 737

Flying 737 as First Officer, 1992 - 1996

The classic 737-200 cockpit. No EFIS, No FMS. But with Doppler, Omega and a nice conventional HSI.

The modern 737-300 cockpit. We flew her together with the -200, so we didn't use all her fancy features.

Flying 737 as Captain, 2006 - 2007

10 years later, the -200 was long history and we flew the -300 differently. We usually used the Flight Director and trusted the FMS.

Airport infrastructure had improved too. Even Bremen had jetties.

A spinning trim wheel. Always fun.

The cockpit fits snugly

The ON/OFF positions of the overhead switches was customized - until the end.

We flew with Class 1 EFBs these days. No place to put it. Only used for take off performance calculations. Everything else was still paper. First Class 2 EFB was installed, after I left the fleet

Frankfurt. A 737 passing behind the remains of a hangar. Teared down to make room for a new terminal.

Bye-bye Bobby, 2016 - 2020

2016. 10 years later, the last two Lufthansa 737 in Heviz-Balaton. Last passenger flight to Frankfurt

2019: the Max crisis began. 2020: production stopped. Quo vadis 737 ?