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30 000 feet

above the glareshield

Heading southeast, but looking southwest, towards the setting sun, somewhere over the eastern Mediterranean Sea

green lights from fisherboats below

Off the coast of India, fishing boats, using bright green lights to attract and catch squid

cirrus clouds

Cirrus clouds over Texas

aircraft contrails coloured by strobe lights

A twin overtaking us, contrails illuminated by strobe lights

clouds below with an orange glow

A lake in Anatolia, Turkey, at full moon

snow-capped mountains below

Caucasus mountains in southwestern Georgia, just north of the Turkish border

wind turbines in the water

The North Sea has changed

coloured clouds

A quiet pre-dawn over the North Atlantic

sea ice below

West of Thule, Greenland, the ocean was still frozen in June

cockpit view at sunset

Information at your fingertips, reviewing NOTAMS on the EFB

EFB colours matching pink sky

Crimea's airspace is closed since 2014 and therefore marked red. We are close to its corner, about to switch from Istanbul to Ankara Control

cockpit with paper on glareshield

Since 2016 or so, paper flight plans are gone. But on this flight back from Washington DC, we received a re-route via good-old ACARS and placed the printout on the still-existing clipboard

sunset, seen through cockpit windows

Coming back from Nanjing, now over northern Russia, overtaking the sun, it is slowly rising in the west

cockpit view

Two hours later, close to Arkhangelsk, blinded by the sun. As we reduce our latitude, the sun will become faster than us, setting again in the west, the way it always should.