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Learn to fly drones

Photographers and film makers planning to add a drone to their equipment should consider that training is required to operate a drone safely and in accordance with European, German and local regulations.

The Eifel region is an excellent place to train drone flying. It offers a lot of sparsely populated locations, far from people, ideal for first flying experiences. And the Eifel offers a lot of rewarding motives for landscape and nature photographers and movie makers.

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uas365.com is a company specialized in drone training. We are aviation professionals with long careers in crewed and uncrewed aviation, holding licenses to fly, train and exam for various aircraft types. We can teach in German and English.

Drones add a new perspective for photographers and film makers. In the last years, they revolutionized aerial photography, widely replacing crewed aircraft for that purpose. For some purposes, consumer drones with 4K cameras and a mass below 0,25 kg are ideal, as they can be legally flown over people with just the European A1 remote pilot license.

However, top consumer camera drones like DJI's Mavic 3 Pro and most professional drones are heavier and require an A2 license and sometimes even an STS training.

In the heart of the Eifel region, in Nideggen-Schmidt and also in Wuppertal, we have training facilities to conduct practical trainings with either your own or one of our drones.

We offer theoretical trainings too. Classroom training for groups or computer-based for individuals, using our Learn Management System. Furthermore, we are an examination center recognized by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (DE.PStF.029) for the A2 remote pilot license.

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